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What do we do at RYEA Technologies?

In Services Tags #Data #Infrastructure #Mobile #Software #System Integration Published 2019-02-09

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Software development

Software is complicated Too many FEATURES, Too many PROMISES, Too EXPENSIVE By leveraging the power of web-based software with elegant interfaces We have the ability to give YOU thoughtful software that you can use.

Data development
Advanced data management, database development/migration, business intelligence tools.

Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, IOS, Android and HTML custom applications.

System integration
Merge disparate systems by transforming and managing data.

Infrastructure services
Technologies partners with leading suppliers in the industry to provide clients with the infrastructure required for their computing needs. The hardware consists of desktops, servers, storage solutions,
networking equipment, peripherals and operating systems. Our services include sourcing, procurement,
installation, confguration and repairs. Physical products include, amongst others:
mobile – android, ios, windows mobile, windows phone
desktop – dell, hp, pro line, intel
servers – dell, hp, ibm, intel
storage – azure, amazon storage
wireless – duxbury
peripherals – ups, scanners

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