Our Focus

As your technology partner, we will help you navigate away from systems and processes that don’t work, towards a custom solution that will help you save
money, improve performance, and work more efficiently


Our development team have developed and implemented applications using the following languages:

C#, WPF (XAML), WCF(WSE, SOAP AND XML), EVC++, C++, Visual Basic 6, ASP.Net, JavaScript, VBScript, (ASP.NET MVC,SQL, ADO.NET, HTML, XML).

We have successfully implemented the following communication protocols into applications:
Sockets (TCP/IP), FTP, MODBUS, FLAG Protocol, XML, XSLT, and SOAP.

Our Development team is also proficient in many other languages and across a variety of Communications protocols.

We develop business, consumer and customer experience applications driving customer interaction for our customers.

These applications include:

Meter Reading

Meter Auditing

Events Management

Learning Management Systems


CRM Websites

SMS, SMS Transactional Applications

Email, Email Transactional Applications

Chatbots, Natural language understanding Chatbots

Our telecommunications experience is not limited to IVR, VXML, Aspect CXP.

  Service List
- Software Development Services
- Web Development
- Data Development
- Mobile; and
- System Integration
- Infrastructure Services; and
- Support, Maintenance and Training

 RYEA Technologies provides a range of services, support and
development for our customers.
We design, develop, implement and support various types of
We are a technology partner who understand our customers’
business operations, requirements, and constraints.