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Our development process

In Development Tags #Software Published 2019-02-15

Development Process  Getting customers requirements right is not easy.

From planning, developing, testing and launching the idea; there are series of steps undertaken by the RYEA Technologies so that our final products are devoid of bugs and complications.

Planning- After a studying our customers requirements and analysis of their business, a roadmap is established for designing, development, coding so that the process of development, testing and finally launching the system is taken into consideration.

Development - Designing is the step where vision starts shaping to reality. Our developers provide design mock ups and acceptance tests. These acceptance tests are used as milestones to ensure that the project is on track and within budget.During this process designs, testing, validating services, verifying links and and ensuring functionality is approved by our customers to ensure that there is no scope creep and that we are fulfilling all the requirements according to plan. 

Launching- When our software is ready, we make sure that it is polished well enough to be presented to the public. We assist customers to import data, we are with them through the entire  process to ensure that their product is brought to life in the way they imagined it. We provide training (if required), guidance and support all through the process.

Post launching- After final testing and launching,  any outstanding documentation is completed and is handed over to the customer. Once they sign off all the acceptance tests,  the project is then deemed closed.

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